Thursday, June 23, 2005

New book about A challenge to Human Rights

ATD-FOURTHWORLD Organization with pride announces its newest research publication report on a challaenge to human rights education titled,

"How Poverty Separates Parents and Children: A CHALLENGE TO HUMAN RIGHTS"

In their new book " How Poverty Separates Parents and Children: A CHALLENGE TO HUMAN RIGHTS" with forewords by the United Nations that In most countries, family--whatever forms it may assume--stays at the crossroads of social and economic development, and poverty is one major factor which affects families and households in risk situations. Single-family households headed by women or families where the parents have low levels of schooling are often the most vulnerable. One can say that women bear a disproportionate burden, and children growing up in poverty are often permanently disadvantaged. Older people, people with disabilities, indigenous people, refugees and internally displaced persons are also particularly vulnerable to poeverty....

Also with forewards by UNICEF which this study documents heart breaking choices that very poor families, in a variety of countries and societies, are forced to make , because they are not supported with resources they need to stay together, whether these be material resources or psychological support. Current pressures of urbanization nad globalization are weakening extended family ties. At the same time, an age-old distrust of very poor parents leads to policies and practices separating family members from one another...

A Study by ATD Forth World organization.

We are confident that this publication will be a useful resource in the work of wide ranging agencies and actors working towards furthering and implementing human rights.

To obtain a copy please contact,

International Movement ATD Forth World
Regional Office
84/1 Soi Kingplu
Saint Louis 3, Sathorn Tai(Soi 11)
Bangkok 10120 THAILAND

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warriorwoman said...

Holey moley. I'm surprised no one commented. It's truly disgusting the way families are separated in the United States today. Few people have any clue what the word "family" means... Except for those who lost family members.

Thank you for the excellent blog.

Mothers not "Birthmothers