Sunday, June 12, 2005


Information and communication of the knowledge is the effective vaccine to the virus of ignorance. Knowledge acquired by one is committed to other, on the scale of one to one, one to many and many to many basis worldwide and that is how the world is becoming smaller in distance from one to another.

In a developing country like Bangladesh, the main source of dissemination of information is the traditional way of hand in hand delivery of print materials, posters, leaflets, small books write up and the newspapers but the effective communication entrants motivation. The entire content of the information shall have to the transferred to other of everywhere with consciousness with which or for which messages are developed and printed.

Education for all of everywhere is now the turn of the age. If everyone of everywhere can be equally informed and motivated then the goal can be attained and anyone of anywhere will be able to feel the pulse of others of everywhere.

Now information can not be a slow process. It should be done in the quickest possible time. The world is now moving fast and faster will be the dissemination of the information. It is the ICT center that can ensure the quick reach and spread of the information. but the problem is that there is little of prospect of organizing the centers in the community basis unless initiative from among the community is revolved and that part of motivation work is to be done by Government/Ngo.

The ICT center can be opened at all places of community if it is patronaged by the governmental agencies and the development partners together which both the side are prognosticating over the issues in principle but not in practice as yet.

We are now switching over this issues of co-ordinations and co-operation of the governmental patronage and establishment of ICT center support in the direct participation of local agencies like, schools, colleges, universities, business centers, youth club, women’s club and hat & bazaar management in the localities etc.

The OSDUY also attaches the importance of earning subsistence on the self-help basis. Because the avenues for employment in the country like Bangladesh is scarce. The government can have little of capacity to campaign for mass employment opportunities because of many reasons. The youth are the find out their and avenue not according as their choice but of availability.

We have been launching a course of campaign on self-employment at home through homestead five capital development. The five capitals are physical capital, natural capital, social capital, financial capital human capital. In the case of human capital, health management and capacity building in the efforts of earning self-employment are the main staples.

It has been proved that a homestead can be double useful in the nature of earning livelihood and subsistence at home and so we are advocating these strategies for all of everywhere side by side with health management.

We can visualize that the following steps are essential for setting up of ICT centers in all places for all of everywhere;

1. The government patronage will crop up in the locality and seed of ICT initiative shall be shown by government agencies, among the local leader have to benefactors, philanthropies and intellectual leaders of the locality.

2. The development partner shall contribute in constituting “Social Group” from among the population of the local institution for a first initiative and to seek patronage from governmental officials/development partners. In the developing countries, government agencies sometime wait for a motivation from the people.

3.The “Social Group” from among the different sectors population will be revived at the instance of the development partners to run the race of ICT on a continues and constant basis which the government should take positive care.

4. The Rhythm of information shall over flow the ICT centers country wide and everyone of everywhere will enjoy the same Rhythm of sound of same information at a time and once they feel the pulse of one unto another, the information channel is sustained among all.

5. Side by side, we are to make progress with the traditional course of activities of hand in hand delivery of messages until we are cent percent able to handle the ICT centers and which we will have to have the respect for the maintenance of quality of messages, which will be true, accurate, appropriate, useful, universal and beneficial and lively. The paths that lead to true information can discover the true & real Rhythm of life of everyone of everywhere. Even if the ICT centers are attained, yet the traditional course of dissemination will have to confirm until further. We hope that, we shall be finally able to find out our own fate in our own home at best the subsistence could be earned.

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